"Single Buyer and Seller of Water and Electricity"

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ADWEA's Peak Electricity Generation Exceeds 10,000 MW

ADWEA's peak electricity generation exceeded 10,000 MW for the first time in early July 2012. About 80% of this record peak generation was accounted for by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi System's electricity demand and the remainder was exported to the Northern Emirates' utilities FEWA and SEWA.

Within the GCC, only Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also have peak electricity generations greater than 10,000 MW.

ADWEA's peak electricity generation is expected to continue to increase until late August / early September, when the annual peak electricity demand typically occurs. ADWEA's peak electricity generation is expected to increase markedly during the next three years, being principally driven by higher exports to FEWA / SEWA and significantly higher supplies to ADNOC.

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company

ADWEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority ADWEA and ADWEC is the "Single Buyer and Seller" of Water and Electricity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADWEC has to balance demand and supply through Power and Water Purchase Agreements (PWPAs) with the generation companies and through sales contracts on the basis of a Bulk Supply Tariff (BST) with the Distribution Companies.

ADWEC also purchases Gas Fuels from the Fuel Suppliers for the Producers as well as handle financial settlements with all the stakeholders.

ADWEC Wins Excellence Award

Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) have awarded ADWEC with the 'MEED Choice Award for Demand Forecasting Excellence'. ADWEC won this prestigious award for ADWEC's detailed and transparent demand forecasts, which are released to the public regularly every year and used for capacity planning / fuel demand forecasting purposes (amongst others).

ADWEC is the first in all GCC / UAE power and water utilities to win this prestigious forecasting award. The 'MEED Choice Award for Demand Forecasting Excellence' was received on behalf of ADWEC by:

- Keith Miller - Director of Planning & Studies
- Einar Al Hareeri - Head of Electricity Forecasting Section
- Mohammad Al Hajjiri - Head of Water Forecasting Section

The award was presented at the MEED Arabian Power and Water Summit (APWS) 2012, held in Abu Dhabi. ADWEC's presentation to the APWS 2012 can be downloaded from here.

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