"Single Buyer and Seller of Water and Electricity"

Ongoing Projects


Mirfa International Power & Water Company (MIPCO) has been established to purchase and rehabilitate Block-B Water Desalination units of the existing Mirfa Plant located at Mirfa City in the western region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi;
and build new electricity generating capacity and additional water production capacity adjacent to the Existing Mirfa Plant.

The Mirfa IWPP Plant comprises several parts; (3) Existing Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Water Desalination units with capacity of 22.5 MIGD, (4) Open-Cycle GT Units with a net power output of 360 MW (90 MW each) making use of the Open Cycle GT Packages and the Existing Open-Cycle Inventory, New Facilities; Combined-cycle power generation plant comprising (3) GTs and (2) STs, with total 1240 MW capacity, (1) Greenfield reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant (New RO Plant) with a total net capacity of 30 MIGD.

The new Mirfa lWPP Plant shall deliver a net power capacity of 1,600 MW and a net water capacity of 52.5 MIGD. The plant is now under commissioning and expected to be fully operational by June 2017.

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